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A good deal of my upbringing was spent beside my father and grandfather working on various home improvement projects.  From painting, digging trenches, to nailing and cutting, there was always some project that needed to be done.  This upbringing combined with my sales  experience as a licensed Realtor in New Hampshire and Maine, and my involvement in a real estate development business all lead to becoming Golden Eagle Log Home’s New England sales representative. 

“Back in 2008, my business partner, Rich Leavitt was asked by a client to assist them in researching and choosing a  log home company to work with to supply the materials for their log home.  After much research, Rich and the clients narrowed the search down to small number of companies.  They flew out to the factory together and took the factory tour of the manufacturing facility and model home at Golden Eagle’s headquarters in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.  It was at that point that the clients and Rich made the decision to go with Golden Eagle Log Homes.  During the building process Rich continued to learn from the builder’s side of things, why their systems and organization was so successful.  After completing the home, Rich and I spoke about our interest in building their homes to sell on land that we owned.  We were already in the real estate development business with multiple projects going at one time.  We then decided that with Rich as the general contractor, his wife Brenda assisting with the design process, and myself as the sales coordinator based on my sales  and construction experience that the concept of being a dealer for the company made sense.” 

“From that point forward to today, we have assisted more than a dozen clients in New England with the construction and/or coordination of their log home.  With the help of the sales team at Golden Eagle Log Homes, we delivered the largest log home that the company sold in the 2014 building season.  We have assisted clients with small and large projects.  Each project has its own individual flair and style.  This year we are eager to deliver to a client the first cement log sided home.  This project emphasizes Golden Eagle’s commitment to innovative building products and their ear to the ground approach to listening to clients desires and fulfilling them.  With the help of my sales partner Ralph Cronin we will look to deliver 4 homes to clients throughout New England.”

“We have delivered homes to New Hampshire, Maine,  and Connecticut, and are currently working on a project for delivery to Massachusetts this season.”

“To be a dealer, my commitment to the industry requires that I maintain a level of expertise about all the products that Golden Eagle Log Home offers. It also requires that I travel back to the factory once a year for dealer training and model home tours.  Additionally, I must have the ability to show log homes to customers looking to purchase a log home.  As the result of our numerous builds and client relationships, we have numerous homes that through reservations, or scheduled open houses that are available to show.”  

For more information please feel free to contact me directly at (603)986-5551 or by email info@WildcatRiverLogHomes.com

Kevin J. Killourie
"Your Professional Mountain Lifestyle Realtor"