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Why should I buy a Golden Eagle Log Home?

  1. You want a high quality log home package and don't want to overpay.

  2. You want the most complete package and you don't want any surprises to pop up after it is too late.

  3. You want the most complete package because you don't have a lot of time to waste shopping a hundred different stores.

  4. You want a complete package, so all things fit and work together and if they don't it is our responsibility.

  5. We are not high pressure, we aren't going to talk you into a full log if you really need or want a half log. We offer both so it is your choice.

  6. You want quality kiln dried logs.

  7. You want to buy from people who care about your new home, appreciate your business and will service you in the years to come.

  8. You want a log home company who can customize standard plans or draw completely new plans and not pay extra in the end for that. You want kitchen and bath designers on staff to help coordinate the finished project.

  9. You don't want to be tricked by some slick salesman. You want to be told the truth even if the truth doesn't sound as good.

  10. Golden Eagle is owned and operated by brothers Jay and Tod Parmeter of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, not some overseas corporation or conglomerate. We actually work 6 days a week at Golden Eagle Log Homes, we actually live in a Golden Eagle Log Home, and can actually be reached if you have a problem before, during, or after the sale.

  11. We are flexible. If you want to deduct something out of our complete package, for example your brother is a cabinetmaker, we can deduct them and credit your account for them.

  12. We listen to you, your needs, and wants. It is not about what we want; it is about what you and your family wants.

Why do you have such a complete log package?

It is really simple, we listened to you, the customer. Here is how it happened and here is how we were able to accommodate our customers.
When we first started selling log homes, we also had a building center. We set up our first log model home in the parking lot of the building center and when potential log home customers came in and asked how much the log home was, we told them $22,000.00 and they said "Great! We want one!".
Then they asked does that include the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom fixtures, the fireplace, the closet shelving, trim, and prehung doors etc.? And the answer at that time was no. We found people wanted the whole package, not just the shell. Because we had everything available in the building center to make it a complete package; we started to include everything in the package and the rest is history.

Why is buying a complete log home package best?

  • With a "complete package" all the components will be compatible. Your doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing, vanities, etc. will all be the right size, right color, and will coordinate throughout the home.

  • Speaking of windows, let's say you buy one house full of windows once in your life, or one kitchen once in your life and then you have trouble with them. Who do you think the manufacturer will help more? The customer who bought from them one time and will never buy again, or Golden Eagle Log Homes who purchases over 100 houses full of windows or 100 kitchens every year.

  • With a complete package you will know what your total costs are.

  • Our customers have an almost unlimited range of choices while choosing their package. Visit the Bertch or Homecrest Cabinetry websites just to see the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry available to our customers.

  • With an incomplete package no one party will know the whole project and many things can get overlooked and forgotten until the end, then things get tense.

  • Golden Eagle has customer service staff to handle any situation that may arise. A complete package from Golden Eagle Log Homes will simplify your life.

My friend told me my log home is going to settle 4 inches. Is that true?

No. Your Golden Eagle log home will only settle about 3/8 of an inch. We are using kiln dried logs, so settling is not an issue.

Tell your friend you are not buying a handcrafted log; which will settle 3"-4"; but instead you are buying a Golden Eagle Log Home that does not have the settling issues.

Can your standard floor plans be modified or changed?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

We cannot even remember the last time somebody built a stock plan and didnt change something. We have designers on staff full time to help you get your dream log home designed the way you want it.

Why should I tell the salesperson what my real budget is?

We can point you in the right direction for size and amenities. This saves you money and saves you from the heartache of having to later change your dream.

Are log homes a good investment?

Yes, log homes appreciate much faster than regular homes, so they are an excellent investment. The sooner you build the better. Building costs, and interest rates, are low and builders are offering better rates right now!


Why should I get pre-approved for a loan?

Don't presume anything. In today's world; unless you are a cash buyer; you need to find out what your current property (that you're going to use as collateral) is valued at so that you and your bank can determine your budget.

Do I need to do something special for settling when I install my kitchen cabinets in a Golden Eagle full log house?

No. Because Golden Eagle provides only dry logs, the cabinets can be screwed directly to the log wall.

How long does it take to build a Golden Eagle Log Home?

It takes approximately the same amount of time as a standard home. It takes about

  • 3-4 months to build a 1,400 - 1,800 square foot home

  • 5-6 months for a 1,800 - 2,100 square foot home

  • 6-9 months for a 2,200 - 3,200 square foot home.

So, basically, it depends on how large of a crew your builder has and how difficult the house is to build, etc.

Do you have builders in my area?

Yes. We have trained over 2,000 builders across the world and have them in our records.

I have a good friend who is a builder but has never built a log home.
Can I get him to build my Golden Eagle Log Home?

Yes, we always say if the builder is willing to learn, we can teach them how to build our homes. We have many builder training classes throughout the year. Our log homes are easy to build and our plans are very detailed.  If the builder has questions we have a help line that's open 6 days a week.

I need more bedrooms, but don't want to build a huge home. What can I do?

Many of our customers create additional bedrooms in the basement. Larger windows, called Egress windows, would need to be installed to meet building code requirements. These windows not only allow natural light in, but also provide a fire escape.
Modern basements are insulated, warm and dry, have high ceilings, and with large windows or a walk out wall are cheery and comfortable.

Why are your prices lower than comparable high quality companies?

We buy direct from the manufacturers. Truckloads of lumber, OSB, shingles, windows, cabinets, stone, etc. are purchased to eliminate one markup in the buying process. The end result is a less expensive home for our customers.

Why do builders like Golden Eagle Log Homes so much?

Our plans are fully detailed so builders know exactly how the homes go together and what materials go where.  But the main reason is the technical support; the people answering the questions and overseeing the plans have many years experience.

I want a log home but I think we should save some more money and build in a
few years. What do you think?

Why wait if your kids are still living at home. Let them enjoy your new log home too! If you are near retirement age and the kids are gone, why not build it to vacation in now and retire later.
Here is a true story-
A young couple came in and we priced an Eagle II for them. After seeing the price they decided to wait to build so they could save some money. For three years they rented and were able to put $15,000 in their savings. But when they came back the price of the home had gone up $18,000, so all of the money they had saved lost all of its buying power due to inflation. Don't wait, let's get started today!

What is ICC-400 compliant? Is Golden Eagle Log Homes ICC-400 compliant?

ICC-400 is the International Code Council's standards for milled log construction. Achieving ICC-400 compliance is an indication of the quality of design and construction in a log home.
For example part of the standard pertains to wind shear calculation in milled log homes. Meeting ICC-400 compliance ensures that the construction of your log home walls will withstand wind forces that would pull a non-compliant wall apart.
Golden Eagle Log Homes is one of only a handful of manufacturers to achieve ICC-400 compliance.

I understand Golden Eagle Log Homes includes the garage in the "Complete"
Package if one is shown on the plan. My question is… How much can I deduct
if I don’t need a garage?

You can deduct approximately $14,000 to $18,000 depending on the size, log style and window configuration etc.
Don’t forget... You will also save an additional $7,500 to $10,000 in carpentry labor and concrete floor/footings when you build your home.

How can I lower the cost of my dream home to stay within budget?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Our Complete Package uses round log railings inside and out. We can substitute square, treated, balusters and posts on the exterior and square pine on the interior. This can save you hundreds to even thousands depending on how large the home is.

  • Our Complete Package includes solid 6-panel pine doors and closet doors. We can exchange these doors for flat, hollow core, real oak or birch and save you hundreds of dollars or more. Note that years later you can easily upgrade these doors if you wanted.

  • Our Complete half log home package includes authentic looking butt & pass, dovetail or saddle notch corners. You can use vertical log corners instead and save a couple thousand dollars or more.

  • In our Complete Package we include our kitchen and bath cabinets with real wood dovetailed drawers. By substituting a laminated particle board drawer -- you could save hundreds of dollars.

  • In our Complete Package we include stone up the entire chimney. Reduce the amount of stone to just the mantle height and put tongue & groove pine over the chase and you could save thousands in labor and materials.

  • Do some of the work on the home yourself. Negotiate a reduced price from the builder for some of your sweat equity. For example you could clean up the jobsite inside and out daily, stain and caulk, put up the closet shelves, insulate, put on door knobs, paint drywall, etc. Talk it over with the builder and see what you can save. It could be hundreds, to thousands, of dollars!

  • Add more drywall to your home wherever it doesn't matter to you if it's drywall or tongue and groove. Drywall costs less in material and labor versus using pine T&G.

  • Downsize your home. Look at your floor plan. What rooms in the home are you really going to use and not use? Every square foot you can reduce will help the overall price go down.
 Copy: Golden Eagle Log Homes