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What People are Saying about Golden Eagle Log Homes

Well, you helped our 17 year dream finally come true! We have been in our Golden Eagle log cabin for three months. We absolutely love it! The quality of the home is outstanding. Every detail has been well thought out. You worked wonderfully with both our builder and with us. Our builder highly complimented the service you had provided during the building process. I never thought building a home could be this simple!

I wish you and your company much success! You are truly a pleasure to work with and excellent at what you do!

Warmest Regards,
Paul & Patricia

Thank you for your every effort to take care of our needs. Your response was fantastic to our many demands. As this was a new venture for us, we bought our first home as a completed "spec" house, building this "new" home was an experience I never had, or anticipated, and I probably created many obstacles to overcome, but, all seems "minor" now, particularly due to your assistance.

My thoughts of appreciation and thankfulness are extended to you and all of your employees. I definitely met many very nice people in this venture at Golden Eagle.

Thank you for everything,

My husband and I are enamored by the warmth and beauty of log homes.  We owned a wooded lot and thought the perfect house for this lot would be a log home.  It was our goal to build a log home—not for us—but for an investment.  We needed to be sure that the end price point would be very affordable so that we could eventually sell this home, for a profit.  We did not have the time to it takes to shop for every item to complete this home, so very quickly we determined that a Golden Eagle Log Home was for us.  Because of Kevin’s real estate knowledge, we found him to be very helpful, and the Golden Eagle Product is second to none.

Rich and Brenda